Even I Have My Limits

The last few weeks have been so full that I can barely keep up. I’ve been forced to take each day on its own terms, without much planning, recreation, or wandering. I’ve been doing important work, and I’m grateful, but this isn’t the way I’d like to live my life most of the time. Still, the […]

Do You Love Me?

The culture we live in tells us a story about love. It’s a story about passionate feelings, the drama of fiery relationships. Ultimately, it’s a story about our own ego. It’s the satisfaction of getting what we want, when we want it. Our world runs on consumerism, so it’s not surprising that the vision of love it sells us […]

Can We Learn Faith Like A Child?

Faith and just got off a plane, coming back from the Friends of Jesus Fellowship Spring Gathering near Indianapolis. I’m exhausted from the trip, but I’m so excited about what God is doing in our community. I want to share with you about what we experienced this weekend. From Thursday night to Sunday morning, we […]

Why is Church so Hard?

For the last couple of years, this blog’s tagline has been: “Religion is easy; discipleship is hard.” I’m starting to think that perhaps this slogan is only half right. Discipleship certainly is hard, but religion doesn’t seem to be such a piece of cake, either. I recently read a really tender, honest post from my […]

You Don’t Have to Earn It

Throughout my life, I’ve had this itch, this need: to be someone who earned his keep, who produced enough to justify my existence. Simply being isn’t enough. When I was a student, I imagined that once I got out into the workforce and had a full-time job, I would feel justified. I would be producing […]

Common Wisdom, or Uncommon Faithfulness?

When I think about the people in history I really admire, it’s those who bucked the norm. Sure, there are lots of really wonderful people who, like the Dude, just “fit right in there.” But the people I look up to – people like King, Fox, Francis, and Paul – are ones who had the […]

The Mightiest River

There are few things on earth more powerful than the implacable flow of the Mississippi river. Fed by tributaries from Montana to Pennsylvania, the Mississippi is a force of nature in every sense of the term. That hasn’t kept us from trying to tame it, of course. For thousands of years, longer than human memory, the […]