Are Quakers Capable of Planting Churches?

5 years. We’ve been at work here in DC for more than 5 years, trying to start a new Quaker community. We’ve learned so much. For better or for worse, most of what we’ve learned has been what not to do. Church planting is way harder than Faith and I ever imagined. In retrospect, it’s obvious that we did almost […]

6 Ways to Tell if God is Speaking to You

Don’t know how to tell if God is talking to you? It’s a common problem. When I was a kid, folks at church taught me that God speaks to each one of us. I learned about Moses talking with the Burning Bush, and Paul’s blinding encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus. These stories were inspiring, but […]

3 Ways to Spot a Fundamentalist

Are you a fundamentalist? For a long time, I thought that fundamentalism was a right-wing phenomenon. But I’ve realized that just about anybody can get trapped in a fundamentalist mindset. Whether it’s gay rights, the atoning work of Jesus on the cross, abortion, climate change, or racial justice – all of our most cherished beliefs are susceptible to the […]