How to Survive the Church-pocalypse

Institutional Christianity is trembling, teetering, falling. And that’s a good thing. Crisis and opportunity tend to go hand in hand, and those who embrace this crisis have the chance to make an enormous impact. Freed from the weight of bureaucratic religion and static tradition, a new kind of life can emerge. Now is the time […]

Your Guide to Quaker Worship (Free eBook) is Ready!

Are you ready to go deeper? We live in a world that is running on sensory overload. It seems like there’s always something else to do, another task to accomplish or spectacle to be witnessed. But what would it be like to just stop and breathe? What would we find there, in the silence? In […]

The Lamb’s War is Dead. Long Live the Lamb’s War!

I launched The Lamb’s War as a way to express my own experience of Christ’s amazing presence. Like the early Quakers, I was astonished at the ways that Christ’s light was convicting me of my darkness and healing me from it. My life changed in ways that I could hardly believe. This blog allowed me […]