We Don’t Have to be Afraid Anymore

I recently came across an article in The Atlantic, which examines why many Americans (particularly elite men) are so obsessed with wealth and work. The author speculates about the extent to which these obsessions are rooted in culture or biology. He notes how the wage gap between men and women is exacerbated by such obsession, and he laments the deep unhappiness […]

Blessed Are those with Nothing to Lose

There was a time when truly anything seemed possible. I was young and the world was laid out before me. I was sure that I could accomplish whatever I set my mind to. Imagination was the limit. There was very little to hold me back. Most big life decisions were still in the future. I was free […]

Life is Absurd. So is God.

When I was a kid, adults would sometimes seek to encourage my faith by telling me their own reasons for believing in God. They often told me that without God the universe would make no sense. “Look at a sunset! Listen to birdsong or running water. This world is so beautiful. How could there not […]

How to Escape the Baby Eating Cycle of Doom

Our son George just recently turned one year old. As you might expect, the last year of our lives has been marked by great joy, new experiences, and total exhaustion. It turns out that babies need to eat all the time. When George was first born, he needed to be fed every hour and a half. […]

Could Empire be a Good Thing?

For me, and most people I know, the word “empire” has a negative connotation. As well it should. The economic and military might of human empires has been one of the most destructive forces in history. From the genocidal campaigns of Genghis Khan to the modern day invasions of Iraq, the prerogative of empires is […]

What Are You Willing to Lose?

There are a lot of things that Jesus taught that most of us tend to ignore. We may like abstract ideas about love, self-sacrifice, and a society of peace and justice. But Jesus wasn’t simply an advocate of a new social program that can be slotted into our world the way it is. The brokenness […]

Frustrated? Babies Know How You Feel

I was recently watching a toddler play with some plastic blocks, the multi-shaped kind that are meant to fit into a series of openings in a box. He would pick up a cube and try to fit it into a triangle-shaped hole, then into the circle. Sometimes, he picked the right opening, but didn’t have […]