Know When You’ve Won, and Stop

It’s easy to miss it when you’ve won. The road to victory can be so painstaking and difficult that when you finally arrive, all you can think about is taking the next step, going further. Battle has become a habit. Before, the goal was X. But now that you have it, you realize that it […]

The Next War Will Be Different

Most people are hard at work trying to get ready for the last war. In World War I, almost everyone assumed that the battle would be won quickly through cavalry charges. Few foresaw the truth, that this War to End All Wars would drag on for four horrendous years, introducing Europe to trench warfare, mustard and […]

What If I Had Total Control?

Have you ever wondered why the new STAR WARS movies were so terrible? After all, they had the same director who made the 1970s/80s originals. George Lucas put together some pretty amazing films. Yet, just a couple of decades later, Lucas came out with a new trilogy that didn’t live up to to the originals. What changed? […]