Nonviolence in the Face of ISIS? Ridiculous!

A couple of folks I really respect – Kate Gould of Friends Committee on National Legislation (aka, the Quaker Lobby), and Jim Wallis of Sojourners – were recently on the O’Reilly Factor. For those of you who don’t watch cable news, this is a television program where Bill O’Reilly basically screams at people and incites […]

Are You Patient Enough for the Revolution?

We live in a fast food culture. We want it easy. We want it hot. We want it now. Whether you’re working for a non-profit or a big corporation, the mantra is likely the same: What have you produced this week, this month, this quarter? This culture demands instant results that can be measured in simple charts and graphs. Show […]

Feeling Tired? Here’s How to Rest

You push yourself to the limit. Anything you can do, why wouldn’t you want to do more of it? Whether it’s a project for work or the next family gathering, you max it out. More effort, more excitement, bigger numbers, epic proportions. Even vacation is an opportunity to maximize, pulling out all the stops to […]