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Would You Die for It?

Is there anyone or anything you’d lay down your life for?

Seriously. I know we’ve all got our priorities in life. Jobs, friends and family, religious and political ideologies – even the success of our favorite sports team! – can feel like matters of life and death.

But are they? What would you actually be willing to die for?

To answer this question, we’ve got to look at the heart of our lives, to those things that really endure. We ask questions like, What kind of person am I, really? What will I be remembered for?

What do you worry about? What keeps you up at night? Where do you spend your most vital energy?

Hold that thought.

Now, are those things that you’d be willing to die for? Do your daily preoccupations inspire life-and-death decisions? These things you spend so much of your time stressing over, are they what your life is truly about?

Probably not. When your little life is drawing to a close, I doubt you’ll worry too much about whether you published that book or got that promotion. I suspect you won’t fret too much about whether you earned that degree or received that award. Your GPA will not loom large on the day of judgment.

What will?

Answer that, and you’ll know why you’re alive in the first place.

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  • Duncan Pugh

    Saying goodbye to my daughter.

  • Jayne Bailey

    Who would I die for? What do I worry about at night? My “sister” was
    found murdered in her home yesterday and her daughter is feared dead as
    well. Those two I would have died for. From what Dee told me about a
    neighbor of theirs that person is mentally ill and was wanting to harm
    them. I have an person on the fringe of my life who is also mentally ill
    and wants to harm me. I worry/worried what would happen if he finally
    snaps. What would I do when it we come face to face and he tries to slit
    my throat. How do I prevent it from happening? When I became a Quaker I
    started asking myself other question. What does Christ want me to do? I
    sold my handgun. I stopped worrying all the time. He gives/gave me
    insight to any given situation to make the best decision possible at the
    time. BUT He knows the future and just have to trust in Him. I’m
    grieving. I’m forgiven the person(s) responsible. I’m remembering a very
    remarkable woman. Rejoicing in God’s miracles that brought us together.