Take Action: Our DC Young People Need Jobs!

Young Playwrights' Theater (YPT)There’s good news for young people in Washington, DC! Mayor Bowser’s newly proposed city budget boldly funds year-round education opportunities, including transportation and childcare costs for those who need it. In addition, the proposed budget would increase funding for youth employment during the summer.

Sounds great so far! Just one question: How are we going to help our young people entering the workforce after the summer is over? What if we didn’t shut down our workforce development programs in September. What if we developed a pipeline that ensured that every DC youth who wants a job, can get one?

This year, the DC Alliance of Youth Advocates wants to take DC’s youth workforce development to a whole other level.

Are you ready to take action?

Ask Mayor Bowser to give all our young people a fair chance for fair work

Covenant House WashingtonThis isn’t a crazy dream. It’s something that we, the people of DC, can do this year. By extending DC’s highly successful Summer Youth Employment Program, we can provide training, job placement, and support for our young people who otherwise might end up on the streets or in jail.

We don’t have to raise taxes, and we don’t have to steal from other programs. We do need to take a stand now, to make sure that our youth don’t have to wait another year.

Take Action Now for DC’s Young People!

DC’s youth have gone far too long without the kind of support that all our children need to succeed in both the classroom and the workspace. Let’s make sure that another year doesn’t pass without a pathway to progress for our young people.

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This year, let’s make sure the voice of our young people is heard!