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Trump Will Be President. We Must Resist.

Under a broken electoral college system, and in the context of widespread suppression of black and brown voters, the United States has chosen an openly racist, climate-denying, misogynistic, alleged sexual predator as its executive leader. With the appointment of racist zealot Stephen Bannon to Trump’s cabinet, white nationalism (for some reason referred to as “populism” by the establishment press) has been catapulted to the highest levels of our government. These are dark days indeed.

Since the election, I’ve been trying to reject despair and look for positive next steps that I can take in the midst of this nightmare scenario. One thing is for certain: Trumpism is not normal. It is essential that we not allow ourselves to get used to a world that embraces overt racism and xenophobia. These are times that call for faithful resistance to manifest evil that is emerging across our nation and planet.

It is also time for repentance. For those of us who have opposed Trump’s rise to power, we must acknowledge our own complicity in the economic systems that have fueled his rise. Income inequality, disastrous trade deals that benefit primarily the 1%, and a political system that is governed by big money and elite interests – all of these have been fully embraced by leaders in both parties. As we heed the call to resist this new, very dangerous administration, we must never forget the decades of elite bipartisan collusion that led us to this point.

Nothing has been more bipartisan than the creation of the military/industrial complex that is about to pass into the hands of the Trump regime. The drone-equipped surveillance state that Trump will inherit has been most fully developed and refined under the eight years of President Obama’s administration. Democrats polished the gun that is about to be placed in Trump’s hand.

For all of us who have been willing collaborators – or even just sullen bystanders – in this process, it is time for repentance. We must recognize and repent of of our willingness to tolerate endless war, unlimited spying, and repression of people around the globe. Even under the leadership of our first African American president, this state-sponsored terror has mostly targeted people of color – both within the United States and beyond its borders. For those of us who are white people, this calls for an extra layer of awareness and repentance.

As challenging as these times are, there is going to be a temptation to fall into one of two traps: Despair, and panic. On the one hand, we may become so overwhelmed by the loss and horror that we are witnessing that we choose to zone out and try to retreat into our own personal bubbles. This strategy is already being openly advocated by people like Garrison Keillor, who plans on withdrawing from public life and abandoning America to the wolves of Trumpism. This is a move only possible for the most privileged among us, who choose to ignore the struggles of people of color, women, and LGBT folk, and hope that the Trump regime won’t come for them next.

Besides despair and resignation, the other temptation we face is panic. Many of us are only half-joking when we talk about fleeing to Canada. There’s a sense that Trump’s regime will reshape the face of America overnight. But our answer must be: “Not if we have anything to say about it.”

And we do. We live in a perilous moment, but the friends of freedom, compassion, and justice are not without resources. The United States government and civil society still contain many checks and balances to slow the rise of authoritarianism in our country. Trump’s election has awakened millions of us to the threat that we’re facing. The time has never been more ripe for a real, positive change in our nation. 

We must have the courage to be agents of that change. Unbowed by fear of the unknown, by the threats and hatred being spewed by the white nationalist right, we are called to stand with the least of these our brothers – all those who are threatened by the rise of Trump.

Now is the time to stand up, organize, and resist. Not next month. Not after the inauguration. Today. As we speak, the Trump administration is planning out its strategy for the first 100 days of the new regime. So must we.

For all of us who seek to be friends of Jesus, now is a time to live out his commandment that we be “wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” I ask that you join me in prayer that leads to courageous action. May the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ guide us into faithful witness in the face of darkness and oppression.

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  • Bill Rushby
  • charlesburchfield

    I keep getting this message from God to. Harmless as doves wise as serpents? You better! I’m almost on the verge of a panic attack. Lately when I get like that I hear still small voice that says the same thing over and over “I Igot this!”
    And “I got your back!”

    • I feel you. As things keep speeding up, I’m trying to slow down and really listen.

  • Robert O. Robbins

    I just read your article about spiritual action due to Trump’s election, Micah, and agree mostly with what you are saying. What Charles B. stated that the still small voice has assured him that God is on top of this is a message true believers have been receiving in a widespread fashion. Genie, my wife, got that message the morning after the election, which we did not watch on election day, before she had heard the news of Trump being declared the winner of the election. We indeed must trust the Spirit that it is in control, but at the same time we must be ready to take spiritual and actual action whenever such opportunity to do so arises. Thank you for posting this on your blog.

    As a possible way to help us voice our disapproval of the Trump election, may I suggest you consider signing the petition directed to the election’s electoral college asking them to recognize that the national popular vote was against Trump and asking them to take a higher road and cast their votes to agree with the national vote. The petitions link is:


    I’ve joined the safety pin brigade (or whatever it is called). Simply loving ALL our neighbors and wearing a safety pin to show we are safe people to be with. I believe it started in Europe after Brexit.

  • Keith Saylor

    Hello Micah, Will you affirm that you wrote this piece in the immanent Presence of Jesus Christ inshining into your conscious and informing your conscience? Were these words written in and affirmed by the inshining Spirit of Jesus Christ? Were these words written in the Spirit of Jesus Christ? Are the words you expressed in this piece a reflection of those who participate in the “Friends of Jesus”