I’m Great. How About You?

I’m a problem solver. This means I spend a lot of time thinking about what’s wrong and needs to be fixed.

Somebody has to expose the darkness, after all. Ignoring it won’t make it go away.

If you’re reading this blog, you probably have a sympathy for this prophetic tendency. You’re a problem solver, too.

But life is about so much more than fixing what’s broken. Darkness needs to be confronted, yes, but light is the goal.

With the unrelenting drive to become harder, better, faster, stronger, it’s easy to forget to breathe. You become so focused on what’s next that what’s happening now gets lost.

I don’t want to make that mistake. I don’t want to lose the beauty of this moment. For all its flaws and limitations, the world is already a luminous place. It’s a pure gift to be alive.

For folks like you and me – those of us who are driven by the prophetic imagination – this is a challenge worth accepting. What if we embraced today the joy and wholeness that we seek for tomorrow?

What will it mean for us to rest in the abundance, peace, and power of the present moment? Without denying the need for change, how do we celebrate that which already exists? What does it mean for us – the insatiable ones – to give thanks for the gift that comes without any effort of our own?

In the midst of all of the challenges we face, I’m great. How about you?

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