The Lamb’s War Needs Your Help

And now for something completely different…
Here on The Lamb’s War, I keep it pretty focused. I write about the daily walk of Christian discipleship as I experience it in my own life. I share what I’m seeing and hearing, and I invite you – my readers – into a shared journey of discovery with me.
But I’ve been realizing lately, I don’t really know who you are.
For more than seven years, I’ve been blogging without a really clear sense of who my audience is. I’ve made guesses, of course, but I’ve never had much data to back up my assumptions.
I need your help.
If you find value in this blog, would you please fill out a reader survey? You can do it right now, either through the embedded form below, or by clicking this link.

Thank you!
I appreciate your taking the time to fill this form out. The results from this survey will help me to make The Lamb’s War a better resource for you and others who are growing in discipleship to Jesus. I’m grateful to be walking with you!

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