That Moment When It All Comes Together

It’s a sensation that the ancients associated with the divine. The whispers of the muse. Inspiration from the spirit world. That moment of clarity when the veil is torn away and naked reality stares you in the face.

These moments of clarity come in all shapes and sizes. Those little “aha” moments when a particularly tough problem yields up a solution. A flash of awareness, when you see your own personality reflected in a trait you despise in someone else. A spiritual awakening that changes the entire course of your life. These are times when our human illusions become weaker and the truth is lifted into view.

Sometimes the truth hurts. There’s a reason that we went so long without looking at it. These encounters with reality can challenge us in ways we never considered possible. Most of us have had our share of euphoric mountaintop experiences, but what about those moments of clarity that find us when we’re face down in the slime of rock bottom? Both are real. Whether in the peaks or the valleys, these moments reveal the presence of a power greater than ourselves. We find clues about who we are and how our lives might change.

These moments when it all comes together, they’re mysterious. We can’t make them happen. There’s no switch we can pull for inspiration. The whisperings of the Spirit sneak up on us. At best, we can endeavor to be awake and listening when God speaks.

Perhaps our greatest challenge is to remember. Everyone has moments of clarity, but translating these experiences into changed lives is another matter. That requires endurance, a daily investment in storytelling, long after the fires fade.

Do you remember a time when the wisdom of God showed up in your life? What did you see? What did you learn about yourself? How were you called to change? Don’t forget.

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