Playing Quaker Truth Or Dare

BAM! With the fantastic response to the recent Lamb’s War Readers Survey, I’m feeling really excited about having real back-and-forth with my readers. I like knowing what you’re thinking, and I want to continue the conversation. In this spirit, I want to invite you to actively participate in the ongoing evolution of The Lamb’s War.

So, here’s the question I have for you:

Do you have questions that you would like to see me respond to here? Are there any real-world ministries you’d like to learn more about?

You might have a particular theological question you’d like to see explored. Or you might want to hear about a particular aspect of the Friends of Jesus community, and why it’s relevant to the wider body of Christ. Perhaps there’s a practical question, say about the dynamics of establishing a new Christian community, that you’d like to see dealt with.

Whatever it is, I’d like to know what you are interested in engaging with. While I can’t guarantee that I’ll respond directly to every question I receive, I’ll definitely take every question very seriously, considering how it might be integrated into our shared exploration of faithfulness in radical discipleship.

So what do you say? What are your questions? What do you want to see lifted up? Please share in the comments below!